A Family Story

About The Boot

Dedication to My Wife Angela

“I met my wife, Angela shortly before I started this project. We were married while I was in my fourth month of business. Throughout the tension that often accompanies a project of this nature, she maintained a positive attitude, accepting the presence of a third person – The Golden Boot – in our home. The restaurant’s dedication is only a small measure of my debt to her”

– David Azzi


The Beginning

David Azzi acquired his penchant for Italian cooking from his three Italian aunts, Tina Brunoro, Nia Galassini, and Lea Bortoluzzi (shown left). All three are exceptional cooks and through their example, inspired David to emulate their cooking. Another of David’s aunts, Anna Azzi, was a professional chef at a resort hotel in Tuscany, Italy.

David’s mother, Gloria Azzi, has always been the biggest inspiration in his culinary pursuit. As a child, David would watch and later assist his mother in making pasta and various sauces. He also spent many summer holidays in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy where he became exposed to, arguably, the finest Italian cuisine.


Culinary Education

As a young man, David spent a year in Modena, Italy where he befriended a chef by the name of Bollo. When Bollo opened his restaurant, Trattoria Da Bollo, David spent endless hours training under him and learning how to apply true Italian home cooking to a restaurant setting.

Later, David and his cousin Roano Azzi would open A-Wear in downtown Vancouver with the help of A-Wear owner Alberto Leone. David was able to hone and utilize the skills that he had accumulated over the years while working at A-Wear, and this experience would lead him to open his own restaurant in his hometown of Coquitlam.



Thus the Golden Boot was formed. The shape of Italy provided the name, and although there was some early confusion with “The Golden Boot” (people kept coming in to buy shoes!) true pasta lovers now easily recognize the name.

David has always believed there would be a market for traditional and high-quality Northern Italian cuisine. At the Golden Boot you will not find pineapples on your pizza, nor will there be any feta cheese in your salads!


What's Next For the Boot

Nowadays, The Golden Boot is one of the busiest restaurants in the Austin Heights area. Proudly serving authentic North Italian Cuisine, The Golden Boot is committed to maintaining the same standard of quality the restaurant was founded on 24 years ago.

Big things are ahead for the Boot, with a trusted team that operates more as a family than a workplace, the sky is the limit. Tv appearances, new locations, expanded services and more – whatever’s next for The Golden Boot we hope you can be a part of it!